History & Development of the Ragdoll Breed

Miscellaneous Documents

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Characteristics & Requirements of the Ragdoll Cats
By Ann Baker

Charter Certificate (Blanche K Herman)
By the International Ragdoll Cat Association

Stanford University Medical Center
December 13, 1973.? Re: Behavioral study

Loma Linda University, School of Medicine
January 3, 1974.? Re: Ragdoll research

Loma Linda University, School of Medicine
January 4, 1974.? Re: Autopsy examination

Case:63683 – Daytons V. Ann Baker
September 12, 1977 – Preliminary Injunction

A Ragdoll name issue – Attorney Ester J. Horwick to Ms Betts
December 21, 1987. Re: Ragdoll Cats

Carnivore Genetics Reserch Center
September 16, 1981.
Report and suggestions on the position of the “Ragdoll” Cats